We are Spiritous.

After over four years in business, we’re extremely excited to introduce you to Spiritous, a new brand, company name, and reflection of our evolving business.

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Introducing SharePoint Engineer

In this introduction to SharePoint Engineer, author Kyle Schaeffer demonstrates the basic features of the application and provides insight into the driving force behind Engineer's creation.

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SharePoint UX Design – Part Two: Creative Design

This is the second video in a multi-part series in which designer Kyle Schaeffer demonstrates the entire SharePoint user experience design process from beginning to end. In this video, Kyle builds upon the previously completed website wireframes to create fully detailed desktop and mobile design compositions depicting the SharePoint home page.

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SharePoint UX Design – Part One: Wireframes

This is the first of several posts in a video series detailing the SharePoint user experience design process from beginning to end. Designer Kyle Schaeffer begins the creative process with quickly drafted wireframes crafted in our very own QuirkTools Wires.

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Organizing SharePoint

Creating a self-sustaining and organized information system can be challenging. Keep things clean by facilitating good user habits.

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About Us

We’re a small, tightly integrated team of skilled professionals who design and build amazing enterprise applications. We leverage cutting-edge technology and thoughtful, detail-oriented design to create unique and impactful experiences catered to your unique audience.

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