Building on the success of our Introduction to SharePoint Framework self-paced training course, we’re excited to announce a series of live remote training classes focused on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. We think this is truly the best way to learn how to use modern SharePoint features as an end-user, power-user, or administrator.

The idea is simple. I just wish we had thought of it sooner. We routinely perform training as part of our SharePoint consulting service. We’ve had a lot of practice doing this over the years, and the curriculum has been revised and polished to such a degree that makes it feel more like a product than a consulting service. Thus, a product is born.

We tried other training options that are available. We didn’t like them. They’re too expensive, too lengthy, too boring, and almost totally obsolete. The SharePoint experience has rapidly evolved over the past couple of years, yet most SharePoint training offerings continue to focus on outdated and obsolete features. That’s what drove us to create our own.

Each of our live remote training sessions are designed to be fast, affordable, fun, and to provide a deep understanding of SharePoint and Office 365 to students of any level. The sessions are customizable, allowing us to focus on SharePoint Server, or on Office 365, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams, depending on the client environment. Class sizes can range from large organization-wide webinars to small classes with more intimate student-instructor lab time.

We think they’re great. We hope you do too. Available courses are listed below, with more on the way soon.

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