We’re excited to announce the launch of our new company name and brand. After over four years of growth and success, Old River Creative is now Spiritous. This change reflects our evolving business, and our improved ability to offer exciting new consulting services to our clients.

We’re offering the same great service and expertise that you’ve come to know and love, with a renewed energy focusing on creating polished hand-crafted solutions. We want to ensure we’re delivering the best possible service to our clients, and Spiritous reflects our vision to bring this service to a new level of quality.

Same Great Service, Same Great People

Our core service offerings such as enterprise collaboration and research and design remain a primary focus of our work. In a changing landscape of technology, tools, and business applications, we see an ever-increasing amount of business data become siloed and underutilized or even ignored completely. As Spiritous, we’re expanding our staff and expertise to include integration with dozens of new enterprise platforms, allowing our clients to create expansive networks of data and channel everything into a central collaboration hub. We see this as the future of enterprise collaboration, and we’re adjusting our strategy to ensure our clients benefit from the best of what enterprise technology has to offer.

Business Insight and Artificial Intelligence

We’re also introducing an exciting new service we’re calling business insight consulting. Business insight is all about helping our clients maximize visibility into their business so that they can make fast, thoughtful, and informed decisions. This is an essential tool in a rapidly changing landscape where speed and agility are advantages over the competition. Closely tied to our collaboration and design services, business insight utilizes both traditional data science and data visualization to transform cumbersome spreadsheets or unwieldy database tables into intelligent interactive interfaces that serve as a central hub for an entire organization’s data operations.

Using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we’re building AI-enabled dashboards that display business data in stunning graphs and interactive charts. Notifications and alerts driven by machine learning algorithms let business leaders know when something warrants their attention. We’re very excited about this new service and know that our existing clients as well as enterprise leaders around the world will benefit from these amazing business insight applications.

Looking Forward

With plenty of other exciting things going on here at Spiritous, we hope you will share in our celebration of this new era of our business. We look forward to building even more award-winning tools and apps for you and your business, and to a collaborative 2018 and beyond.

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