User Research

We create feel-good moments between humans and technology. In order to design and build a great application, the unique needs and behaviors of a target audience must be fully understood.

In discovering the personality your audience, we collect valuable research data through interviews, surveys, studies, and more. We use this data to personify your audience in the form of personas, which are used throughout the duration of a project to assess the validity of new design and development work.

Illustration of a user persona
Illustration of a network of data being pulled into a central location

Information Architecture

Any good information system requires organization, classification, and governance. Our information architects are skilled at organizing your data and presenting it in a new light, in a way that makes sense to your audience.

Through the use of content inventories, card sorting, site maps, and taxonomical classification, we know how to tackle any amount of data (large or small) and migrate it into an intuitive, self-sustaining structure.

Creative Design

Your application should reside at the intersection of both function and form. Our creative graphic artists create detail-oriented visual systems that allow your content to eminate with an elegant sense of simplicity.

Details matter. That’s why we painstakingly obsess over the tinest details in our designs. We focus on big picture design when it comes to color, typography, and composition. At the same time, we add little details like subtle animations or flourishes that would go unnoticed by many. These small touches give the final product a more polished feel, and make our applications more fun to use.

Illustration of charts and graphs in a dashboard
Map of the world


Our talented art team is highly experienced at navigating the balance between corporate brand and individual application brand. We’ll work with your communications and marketing staff to ensure unique yet compliant design work that is appropriate for your audience.

We love to create unique logos, names, and brands for the apps that we design and build. Branding your app helps your audience disassociate the technology from the app itself, fostering a sense of personalization that makes it more inviting and enjoyable.

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