Collaborate with SharePoint and Office 365

Imagine a collaborative experience that empowers everyone in your organization to work seamlessly across organizational and geographical boundaries.

A thoughtfully designed enterprise collaboration application allows your employees to work better, faster, and more closely than ever before. Be it an intranet, extranet, or a custom purpose-built application, we use SharePoint and Office 365 technology to create meaningful connections within your organization.

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Unify Your Enterprise Technology

As an industry leader in the development of collaboration applications in popular platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, we know how to execute projects both large and small. From simple team-focused applications to sprawling organizational-wide intranet upgrades, we design and build focused solutions that play to the strengths of the platform on which they are built.

Our collaborative applications unlock the full potential of the world’s most advanced enterprise platforms. Unify and integrate information channels from platforms such as Office 365, Google, Salesforce, Atlassian, and more.

Migration Made Easy

We’ve designed, built, and migrated countless SharePoint applications both small and large. You can lean on our experience with automated migration tools, migration scripting, and careful migration planning to take the stress out of your next content migration.

Whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, we know how to quickly and easily migrate your data from anywhere to anywhere.

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Support & Training: We’ve Got Your Back

We’re invested in your long-term success and we’re always here to help. We offer fast, reliable ongoing support and governance services to ensure your enterprise ecosystem stays secure and thriving.

We also offer the world’s best expert-led SharePoint and Office 365 training courses to get your staff up and running as quickly as possible.

Built for Humans

Every application is built with great care and attention to detail. We create intuitive interfaces that are thoughtfully designed and catered to your unique audience.

Using information architecture and ethnographic user research, we creatively design stunning collaboration experiences that are elegant, easy to use, and beaming with your organizational brand.

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Built for Everywhere

Our web-based applications can be securely viewed from any location at any time on any device.

Whether you’re using Office 365 or SharePoint Server, you can stay connected to your collaborative data through push notifications, email alerts, automated reports, and more.

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