In an effort to replace and improve an existing business workflow, CPS HR Consulting enlisted the help of Spiritous to transform their vision into a completely custom app used by consultants and clients across North America.

About the Client

CPS HR Consulting

Established in 1985 as a self-supporting public agency, CPS HR Consulting provides a full range of integrated HR solutions to government and nonprofit clients. Throughout 30+ years of HR service, they have developed unparalleled expertise in the public sector, as well as a strategic focus unmatched by any other HR service provider. Applying this combination of knowledge and vision, they are uniquely capable of helping any type of organization maximize their organizational performance. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, CPS HR has offices in Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Their 80+ full-time employees and 200+ project consultants serve more than 1,200 public and nonprofit clients throughout the United States and Canada.

5 office locations
80 employees
200 consultants
1,200 clients

About the Project

As one of the most specialized and important services it offers to clients around the world, CPS HR Consulting lends its expertise in employee engagement to public and private companies alike. Understanding that the power and performance of any organization rests upon the shoulders of its people, this employee engagement consultancy service seeks to maximize the efficiency of a workforce and identify strategic opportunities to innovate in today’s competitive landscape.

CPS HR has learned over years and decades in business how best to engage the workforce of any organization. They issue targeted surveys, gather feedback, and perform statistical analysis of collected data to determine the outcome of the project. This process, while highly skilled and accurate, was largely facilitated through the manual manipulation of exported survey data using tools such as Microsoft Excel. Seeking to automate this business process, Spiritous was engaged to create a completely custom application to revolutionize this consulting service.

Discovery and Planning

Prototyping and rapid iteration cycles were essential in developing the application workflow.

The complicated employee engagement business process involved multiple people, teams, tools, frameworks, and services to function. Documenting and prototyping this nuanced workflow was an essential first step in setting the stage for early application design.

Spiritous information architects used Adobe XD to create low-fidelity prototypes that demonstrated basic app functionality while remaining flexible enough to make sweeping changes at a moment’s notice. The resulting clickable prototype was nearly fully functional, and provided an excellent testing tool for the validation of early design ideas.

Employee Engagement prototype

Interactive Design

Employee Engagement phone screen design

Designing an intuitive new interactive experience helped distance CPS HR from its competitors.

Everyone involved in the project wanted much more than to simply replace an existing business process with an app. They wanted to design something better, faster, more efficient, and more intuitive than had existed anywhere else in the market.

Through the careful development of a mobile-friendly visual framework, Spiritous artists crafted a branded app interface that simplified the presentation of data by organizing it into layers, with the ability to drill down to a deeper level to learn more. The end result was a deliverable CPS HR could offer its clients that no one else had. What once was delivered as written reports and spreadsheets was now an impressive and easy-to-use app that could be shared directly with the clients it served.

Employee Engagement desktop screen design


SurveyGizmo logo

Automated integration with SurveyGizmo helped eliminate hours of copy-and-paste work for CPS HR consultants.

The development team at Spiritous created an application that integrated tightly with an external survey service called SurveyGizmo. What was previously a manual process of creating questions and submitting surveys through this third-party service was now interconnected and automated through a survey data API. Making changes or downloading survey responses within the app was made as simple as tapping a sync button. Push notifications kept users up to date so they knew when an update was made.

Employee Engagement client access form

Client access helped to create a premium consulting add-on service.

With the ability to securely invite clients, teams, or entire organizations to collaborate within the app, CPS HR discovered entirely new ways to conduct business with their customers.

Project clients were given the ability to log into the app, review their survey result data, download or print reports, interact with visual charts, and even create custom action plans based on the findings and recommendations of the consulting engagement.

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