A tale of one company with two names. A dated brand and internal silos with increasingly divergent paths. Corporate Network Services and its subsidiary Anvil Dataworks partnered with Spiritous to craft an entirely new unified marketing image and website.

About the Client


MainSpring, formerly Corporate Network Services and Anvil Dataworks, is an energetic and innovative technology consulting company. After opening its doors in 1993, the firm focused on hiring fun and dedicated individuals to help their clients succeed in their own businesses. In a refreshing new take on managed technology services, they forge strong partnerships with their clients. Through these partnerships, clients are freed to focus on the big picture goals that really matter to their business.

25 years in business
12+ years, certified Microsoft Partner
21+ years, certified Apple FileMaker developer and trainer

About the Project

Corporate Network Services and Anvil Dataworks, with their self-admittedly outdated brand, worked under two increasingly divergent company names. They decided that it was time to find a new unified identify for the company. Knowing that this was a crucial moment in the history of the organization, they carefully and thoughtfully approached the idea of departing from this familiar communications platform.

Corporate Network Services
Anvil Dataworks

They turned to the design team at Spiritous to help find a way forward through the web of competing ideas and opinions as they related to the new organizational direction.

The MainSpring Legacy

CEO and founder Marshall Micheals III describes his organization as one founded on the idea of legacy. He keeps a pocket watch on his desk as a constant reminder of this philosophy. The watch is inscribed with the names of his grandfather, his father, his name, and his son’s name. It has been handed down from father to son for generations, serving as a powerful symbol of legacy to his family and his organization.

Inspired by this story, the project team at Spiritous sought to find an appropriate brand name and image that would capture the spirit of both Corporate Network Services and Anvil Dataworks. Researchers conducted user research, surveyed potential customers, talked to employees, and discovered a diverse audience of impassioned individuals who cared deeply for the outcome of the project. Through this research, several strong candidates for the new brand were found, but the one idea that rose above the rest was the “mainspring”.

The mainspring is the essential element that drives the movement of the watch. It’s the force of this part that turns the clock’s wheels as it unwinds, providing the most important power source in that mechanical movement. Without it, the movement stops. Time stops.

A New Identity

Inspired by Michaels’ story and the symbolic importance of the mainspring itself, Spiritous artists crafted a new company name, logo, and complete visual framework for the new brand identity.

MainSpring logo

This framework was complete with a detailed style guide to help carry a new and consistent brand into the future. The style guide established a framework for color, typography, and layout that could be used by marketing staff to draft new material throughout their operations.

MainSpring business card

Newly designed print media, created in conjunction with digital assets during the rebranding effort, brought the MainSpring identity to life.

Seeing the new brand as the perfect opportunity to streamline and consolidate both internal and external communication, everything from stationary to signage and t-shirts were included in the brand update.

The Award-Winning Website

MainSpring user persona

User personas and user journeys helped the project team understand how to capture and direct potential customers for optimal conversion.

User research work included surveys, interviews, and analysis of existing and new customer data. Through the creation of both user personas and mapped user journeys, information architects clearly hypothesized and tested user behavior for maximum return on investment.

These initial findings were periodically reviewed and, along with new customer data such as client surveys and website analytics, direction and marketing efforts involving the website and other online campaigns were adjusted accordingly.

The truly unique story wheel tells the MainSpring story on an animated timeline-like carousel.

Spiritous designed and crafted the wheel using standards-compliant HTML5, CSS3 animations, and a lightweight and touch-friendly carousel script authored solely for use on the MainSpring website. This same carousel script powers all of the horizontal carousel sliders found throughout the website.

MainSpring website story wheel

The savings quiz is another example of an enticingly interactive feature of the website.

Designed to engage users and educate them on the benefits of MainSpring service, this touch-friendly control was crafted using lightweight JavaScript touch events, allowing users on any device to manipulate the slider controls and customize the savings for their organization.

MainSpring savings quiz
W3 Silver Award Winner

See the award-winning website.

Winner of the prestigious 2015 annual W3 Silver Award, the MainSpring website continues years later to uphold as an example of the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that Spiritous lends to all projects.

Don’t take our word for it. See MainSpring’s website for yourself. The site, launched in February 2015, is a completely custom theme built on the WordPress platform. There are dozens more interactive and aesthetic features we haven’t listed. Visit gomainspring.com on any device to learn more.

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